A new PR service giving you the tools and contacts to build relationships and drive sales

In the early stages of an emerging fashion label, your brand is not ready for, nor can you afford to hire a full time PR agency. In addition, the current changes in the fashion industry that have resulted in fewer print publications, less drive to action from traditional press copy, fewer opportunities of wholesale accounts, a focus on influencer marketing and the need for brands to consider social selling, then you need to consider Public Relations in its broadest sense.


We know that you are struggling to find and make contacts, build relationships and drive sales – so our Social PR retainer contract is here to help you.


Our Social PR service is focussed on helping brands build contacts and generate content and activity that results in sales.  We are working with emerging brands and fashion designers to show them how it is now possible for them to start to generate a positive buzz about their brand and products themselves in an easy and planned way.


Our Social PR service gives you really practical hands-on help, giving you the tools and the contacts to start to build your profile, raise awareness of your brand, make contacts with key press, stylists and influencers and develop activities that result in sales.


To find out more about the service please contact